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Nail Primer Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does freezing affect the primer?

Answer: No. Ice crystals will form in the primer at about 40 degrees. This is a chemical freeze and does not hurt the primer. To defrost the primer leave at room temperature or warm the bottle in your hand, do not heat with a blow dryer. Extreme heat will weaken the primer.

Question: Can I use the primer with my UV Gel system?

Answer: Absolutely, base gel does not always work on some clients. No Lift Nails Primer is a super dehydrator so there is no need for any nail prep, in fact the use of nail prep will interfere with the effectiveness of the primer.

Question: Why doesn't the primer cap have a brush?

Answer: We provide a separate brush so you can keep it clean. With the brush in the cap there was a tendency to transfer the dust from the nail to the primer thus contaminating the primer and therefore weakening it.

Question: What if my primer looks cloudy?

Answer: Primer can get contaminated over time. Its always best to check your primer to make sure it is clean. Cloudy primer means that it is weak and contaminated. To avoid this problem open a fresh bottle and be sure that the nail is thoroughly dusted before applying primer.

Question: How do I clean my nail brush?

Answer: Your nail brush is the most important tool you own. Depending on the quality of the brush, they can be very expensive. In order to protect your investment we advise you not put your brush in anything but nail liquid. Liquid is the safest thing you can use for cleaning the brush.

Question: Why is the nail liquid violet?

Answer: The violet color serves as a sun screen and a color stabilizer.

Question: What is the ratio of liquid to powder?

Answer: No Lift Nails has always been a two liquid to one powder, wet brush system. This means that working with a brush size of 7,8 or 9, would create the best control and results.

Question: Can I use FUNG OFF on polished nails?

Answer: Yes. Apply FUNG OFF and let it dry before touching the nails.

Question: Can I use FUNG OFF with acrylic nails?

Answer: The correct application of FUNG OFF is under the free edge. FUNG OFF will not effect acrylic nails.

Question: Can I order direct?

Answer: We suggest that you check your local Beauty Supply before you contact us direct. If you can't find No Lift Nails in your area we will be glad to service you direct. The order number is 1-800-779-NAIL.

Question: How can I prevent nails lifting?

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